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As well as its growth and recognition in Brazil, AESA had already awarded the trust of the international market, to which it has been exporting for more than 30 years. Nowadays, its products reach more than ten countries in Latin America and Africa.

The 21st century arrived and brought along with it a new phase for AESA. Moved by the objective of transforming the idea of Environmental Responsibility into effective actions, AESA implemented several clean and organic processes, seeking the progressive decrease of residual levels. It also supported the selective collection and recycling of garbage within its facilities.

AESA did not let its target of visible evolution be restrained to its business and has always encouraged the professional development of its staff, stimulating the development of its community, supporting and sponsoring cultural, social and sports events through projects such as the creation of the cultural-educational website Aldeia Numaboa and the website for the Soloist of Londrina Chamber Orchestra.

AESA acquired new technology, and in a partnership with Advanced Manufacturing Nucleus (NUMA) from Sao Carlos’s USP, started to plan the automation of its entire plant.

From all the innovations in equipment and processes, it is worth noting the advanced technology in material shaping, shot peening, pre-setting, electronically controlled gas heat treatment and the computerized numerically controlled bender.

In 2005, AESA is awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for its quality management system, modernizing its brand, moving into new facilities and strengthening even more its bonds with clients.