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8.8 U-Bolts with 80kgf/mm2 resistance, up to 50% higher than common U-bolts (1020).

10.9 U-Bolts manufactured with heat treated steel, granting a resistance greater than 100kgf/mm2.

Rolled thread process, enabling less superficial rugosity and greater uniformity and resistance, optimizing the fixation capacity in the application.

All backed up by research conducted by our engineering department, providing high technology to the development of products and processes, such as the folding operation. All the investment made by AESA in research for this product was made in order to increase its resistance.

Process combining phosphate with KTL painting ensures greater protection against oxidation, greater resistance to rust, impact or abrasion, as well as intense color and shine. Other advantages of this new finishing can be seen in the perfect application of the nut and in greater tightness of the u-bolt with much less effort.


We develop and produce special U-bolts for specific applications – talk to our commercial team and our technical department: 55 43 3174-3000

Identify an AESA U-bolt: Check the printing on its side containing the name, resistance category, raw material and manufacturing batch.