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Spring AESA


Dimensional control and critical phases control of heat treatment, ensuring the precision in the dimensions of the part and an excellent elastic property.

Using gas as fuel in every process assures an excellent temperature and environment control, essential characteristics for a high durability.

The controls applied by AESA in the production process ensure the maintenance of all the manufacturing procedures.

Special care is given to adjustment, guaranteeing perfection in all the parts.

The usage of all known techniques such as pre-setting and shot-peening ensures a greater life for the parts.

Finishing in anti-rust protective oil guarantees protection against premature rusting and lessens the abrasive contact between blades.


Development and production of special leaf springs for specific applications – talk to our commercial team and our technical department: 55 43 3174-3000.

Recognize an AESA leaf spring: Logo painted on it and labels with information about the product and traceability. There is also a mark and the batch number printed in the ligature.